Editing and previewing your timeline

You can go back and edit the title and chapters in your story at any stage. While you are working in the storymaker template, you will see there are 'edit' buttons displayed:

  • Below the title and description of your story on the left hand side above the first asset

  • Next to each chapter title on the right hand side of the screen

If you change the dates in your timeline, be careful. The dates must follow in the same sequence as your chapters.

It can be useful to preview your story as you are writing it. Simply click on the "Preview" button below the story title, or the view button on "My stories" homepage.

The start and end dates dates that you entered when you first created your story mark are used to create the timeline. The dates entered for each chapter mark the points on the timeline. Users move from page to page by clicking on the dates on the timeline.

Once you have finished previewing the story and completed your edits, you can publish your story.

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