Managing your stories

At the top right hand side of your screen you will see a link to "My Stories". This is your personal home page and lists all of the stories that you have created.

Next to the preview image for each story you will see:

  • The story title

  • Your description of the story, its content and duration

  • The status of your story - private or published

  • Buttons to view, edit, delete, publish/unshare your story.

While you are working on a story it's status is "Private". You can preview the story by clicking on the "View" button, and edit it by clicking on "Edit".

When you have finished writing your story and are ready to share it, click on the "Publish" button. You will see that the status label changes from Private to Published, and the Publish button changes to Unshare.

You can "Unshare" a published story at any time if you want to edit the contents.

Finally, you can also "Delete" a story from the "My Stories" page. For example, you may wish to create draft stories (perhaps to test the different templates) that you later need to delete.

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