Previewing a story

Before sharing a story it is a good idea to preview it. You can do this either by clicking on "Preview" while you are editing the story or by clicking on "Preview" on Your Stories homepage.

The story is now displayed as other users will see it. You can run through the story to review the text and to check how the digital assets are displayed. You can click on "Exit Preview" to return to edit mode if you need to make any adjustments.

While in preview mode you will see that, as well as the title and description that you provided for the story, the system has added:

  • The date of publication

  • The category (slideshow, timeline or object + hotspot)

  • Metadata

Click on the preview button and you will see the metadata for your story includes:

  • The title and description of the story

  • The title and description of each chapter, together with the details of the asset (the URI, title and rights statement)

  • Your name as the author of the story.

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