Model creation

The model tab is designed to allow you to include information about the creation of your model. This section of the form covers:

  • The date when the model was created

  • A description of the model creation process - you can use this to describe the project, the funding conditions, the methods and techniques used, etc.

  • The creation processes - use this to index the processes used in creating the model. Click on the element to select from the list of processes.

  • The name(s) of the people involved in creating the model.

The Model Creation description box can be expanded in size by dragging the bottom right-hand corner. Use this element to provide information about your 3D project and to capture the paradata (or the provenance) for your model.

Once you have completed entering the model creation information, save the changes to your form. Once saved, you can leave the data entry form and return later to finish entering any missing details.

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