Next steps in Sketchfab

Uploading 3D files and adding metadata in Sketchfab

Once you have started the upload process in Sketchfab, a window will appear for you to provide more information about your model. The metadata requested by Sketchfab includes:

  • The title of your model

  • A description of your model

  • Categories - one or two categories from Sketchfab's list (use "Cultural heritage & history" and add another category if relevant)

  • Tags - keywords to aid discovery of your model

You can edit the metadata once the model has uploaded. It is a good idea to check the upload and then add a more detailed description and indexing.

Check the upload and appearance

Once your model has been uploaded you will see it listed under your models. Click on the model and you will see the options to 'manage your model'.

Click on properties to edit the metadata for your model.

Click on 3D settings to use Sketchfab's tools to edit the navigation and lighting of your model, and to add annotations.

The Sketchfab help centre provides a helpful guide to uploading, managing and publishing a model in Sketchfab:

Publishing your model

Once you have finished editing the metadata and 3D settings, the final step is publishing to make it visible to others online. You can do this by clicking the Publish button in the top-right of the 3D Settings view or in the right column of the model page view (under 'Manage your model').

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