Adding new models from your Sketchfab account

Share3D imports information and a preview of the models you choose from your Sketchfab account. To allow this to happen you need to follow the following 4 steps.

Step 1 - click on add new model, which is displayed on the top right hand side of the models homepage.

Step 2 - the “Link your Sketchfab account” pop-up window will appear. Click on the link to open Sketchfab.

Step 3 - a Sketchfab login form will appear. Enter your Sketchfab user name and password and log in.

Step 4 - a form will appear asking you to authorise the Share3D dashboard to access your Sketchfab account. Click on accept.

Now that your Sketchfab account has been linked to Share3D you can import model information.

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