Identity information

The identity information is designed to allow you to describe the object that is represented in your 3D model. This information includes:

  • The title of your 3D model

  • A description of the cultural heritage object represented in your 3D model. You may include an overview of the 3D model here, but keep more detailed information about its provenance for the model creation tab.

  • One or more AAT subject terms index the type of cultural heritage object represented in your 3D model using the Getty's Art and Architecture Thesuarus

  • Additional subject terms indexing the type of cultural heritage object represented; these are keywords of your own choice in case you can't find the term that you're looking for in the AAT.

  • The language of any text or voice-overs included within the 3D model itself.

When you first click on the AAT subject term box on the data entry form, you will see a message saying "No results found". Ignore this and start typing a word in the box. You will see a message which says "searching". Keep typing until you have entered enough letters of the word that you are looking for. A scrollable list of terms will appear. Click on the term that you would like to add to your record. To add a second term, simply start typing again.

When you have completed entering information to the "Identity" tab it is a good idea to save your record using the button displayed at the bottom of the page. You can return later to edit or add more information.

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