The last few years have seen a steady increase in the use of 3D technologies in the cultural heritage, for example 3D is used:
  • In archaeology to capture monuments, artifacts and landscapes, and for documenting excavations
  • In architecture and historic buildings, to capture buildings, components, fittings and plans, and for conservation management
  • In museums to capture objects, art, costumes, sculpture, bones and fossils
  • To create models, reconstructions and scenes
  • For augmented and virtual reality environments
The Sharing New Perspectives (Share3D) project aims to explore ways of increasing the sharing and re-use of this 3D content. The project, which has been funded by European Commission’s CEF Telecoms 2017 call, has developed a dashboard to enable content uploaded to Sketchfab to be shared with Europeana and a storytelling tool to enable the content to be re-used in interactive applications for education, tourism and research.
This document covers:
  • User guide to the Share3D dashboard
  • User guide to the Share3D storytelling tool
  • Guidelines on the 3D process: Capture, Post processing, Publishing in Sketchfab, Metadata and Licencing
  • Use Cases