Transforming your dataset

Once you have completed your mapping, you need to select Transform from the Dataset options. This uses the XSL produced by the mapping to create a copy of your dataset transformed in to the target schema.
Transforming a dataset
When you click on Transform a panel will appear to allow you to choose which mapping to use for the transformation. Select your mapping from the list. Once you have clicked on submit, you will notice that the work in progress icon appears next to the dataset name in your Workspace.
Note: Small datasets transform quickly. Larger ones can take a while and you may prefer to start the process running late in the afternoon. You can log out and log in again next morning to view the results.
Note: If the transformation fails during the process you need to go back to the mapping. Use the preview to check for any errors in the mapping, and then edit the mapping to correct these. Then try again to transform the dataset using the mapping. If you need advice, contact the support desk.
Once the transformation process has completed you will see this icon
if the transformation succeeded or this icon
if there are issues to review. Either way, you can now view both the original dataset and the transformed dataset to check the results.
Transformations and dataset options
Go to your Workspace and click on the name of the dataset and you will see that the Dataset Options as well as the option to Show all the items (in the original data set) and there is a new "Transformations" heading below through which the transformation for your dataset is listed. Click on this to view the transformed dataset and its statistics. A new Dataset Options panel will open, this time showing you the options for the transformed dataset.
The image above shows a dataset that has failed validation.
The options allow you to see:
  • Show all items
  • Show invalid items
  • Dataset statistics