Importing your dataset

Your first task in MINT is importing or uploading your metadata. You can do this by:

  • Uploading a file (.csv, .txt, .xml and .zip files are allowed)

  • Uploading a file using FTP/HTTP

  • Harvesting your OAI-PMH repository

Log-in to MINT and then click on My workspace.

Then click on Import new archive. A form will appear on the right-hand side of your MINT window (see image above).

Next you need to:

  • Specify the format of your upload

  • Specify that the upload is for your organisation

  • Indicate if your import conforms to a schema and no mapping is required

Note: If your data broadly conforms to a schema but you want to make a mapping in MINT to add data for Europeana, do not check the box to indicate which schema the import conforms to.

Once you have entered all the details needed by the import form, click on the submit button.

The name of the file being uploaded appear in your Workspace.

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