Import methods

You can import datasets into MINT using three different methods. This section describes the methods in more detail. The most common methods are:

  • HTTP upload - for small datasets exported from native systems in XML, CSV or TXT formats

  • OAI-PMH harvest - for larger datasets where an OAI-PMH repository has been establlished

HTTP upload

To upload your datasets using this method, you will first make an export from your home system. Here are a few points to bear in mind as you prepare your file for upload:

  • XML is the preferred format especially if your metadata is written in a language that uses an extended character set.

  • CSV file uploads are accepted but you should take care to choose UTF-8 encoding to preserve accents and special characters in your national language

  • When preparing XML for upload

    • export each metadata record as a separate XML file and then create a zip archive containing all the individual records.

  • When uploading a CSV file you will need to specify:

    • the delimiter or field separator used in the file

    • the escape character if any

Remote FTP/HTTP upload

You can upload a file from a remote location using either FTP or HTTP. The general recommendations on preparing XML and CSV files (above) apply to this method.


If you have established an OAI-PMH repository on your system, MINT can use this to harvest your metadata. Before starting the harvest you will need to contact the CARARE support team ( to ask for your OAI URL to be white-listed on MINT.

  • OAI Set

  • Namespace prefix or

  • a specific date intervals by specifying the From date and To date

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